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Suede hard wearing very comfortable knee length Bootchaps for everyday riding and training. Easy adjustable velcro closure on the outside of the bootchaps.


Made from beautiful soft Suede with a selection of colours

Available in 2 sizes

  •  up to 44cm calf $165.00,
  • 44cm & above calf $186.00


Our Bootchaps are hand-crafted to your measurements to ensure a perfect fit.


Please refer to the image in the photos to show where to measure.




Please take off your shoes/boots & measure over the top of your riding pants, while standing up - i find it easiest to get someone to take these measurements for you.



A is right in the bend of the knee

B is 6cm below A

C is 6cm below B

D is 6cm below C

E is 6cm below D


Length - Measure A to floor on outside of leg


These can also be made out of our lovely bootchaps leather at an extra cost.

Suede velcro closure bootchaps

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