Bee Seal

Bee Seal
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We reccomend the use of Bee seal with our leather bootchaps to keep them in good condition.

Bee seal may be used on any colour leather, but some light tan or softer leather may darken. You may need too coats to get a uniform colour, but it will restore colour to faded areas due to sun damage and help prevent cracking. To use, simply apply using a soft cloth buff off the excess.

Bee seal will not rot stitching like a lot of other leather care products do, and will soften leather without making it "soggy".

Like our products Bee seal is NZ made from natural bees wax, sourced from Manuka trees in the Coromandal native forests.

Bee Seal is 100% natural and contains no artifical colours or fragrances - the bees wax in its raw state is a rich yellow colour, and the smell is as sweet as honey.

Some other uses...

●Plastic bumpers on cars and dashboards

●Terracotta pots

●Cast iron and steel artwork

●Stainless steel bench tops and tubs

●Cracked horse hooves



●Wooden furniture

●Shoe polish

And much more.....