Horse Apparel

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Topline Anti-Allergy, Pacifying Nosenet
Nose nets for horses. The Topline Anti-Allergy, Pacifying Nosenet has proven very useful for some..
Ex Tax: $25.22
Topline Leg Quilts
Topline Leg Quilts are great under-bandage pads for stabling and travelling. They are thick and l..
Ex Tax: $31.30
Topline Eco Neckcover
Lightweight but tough neck cover with a satin or nylox lining that helps prevent mane rub. Two ea..
Ex Tax: $34.78
Topline Hoof Boots
Great for horses with injuries to the hoof, enables a speedy recovery as the area effected can be..
Ex Tax: $39.13
Topline Nose Shades
Horse Nose shade, Padded fleece velcros on to the halter easily and protects the nose from ha..
Ex Tax: $21.74
Windsucking collar
Stop your horse cribbing or windsucking with our Windsucking collar, gentle on the neck and fully..
Ex Tax: $60.00